Polishing Brass Parts with ViChem VL-557

There are many different methods to polishing brass, and we have tried most of them in our job shop at one time or another.  Today we want to discuss polishing brass in a vibratory tumbler with steel media.  This is a method we have had a ton success with over the past 30 years.  The reason we get such great results is the chemistry.  ViChem VL-557 offers exceptional cleaning and polishing power, when used with the right tumbling media and equipment. 
We just had some brass channels come in that were tarnished and had some forming oils on them.  We ran them through our 20 cubic foot vibratory bowl with steel 3/8" ball cone media and VL-557.  The chemistry was metered in at a 4% dilution rate and the results speak for themselves.
Before & After
Our shop manager Lou first runs the channels in the steel media and ViChem VL-557, rinses them in fresh water and dries the parts in our corn cob dryer:
Parts in Steel Media
Corn Cob Dryer
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