Polishing Small Brass Parts with a Raytech CMF-610 Magnetic Finisher & ViChem VL-557

We had some small brass parts come through our lab this week, and took the opportunity to showcase the cleaning and polishing power of ViChem VL-557.  In just (1) step we were able to completely transform the appearance of these parts.  Take a look at the before and after below:
We used our RayTech Magnetic Finisher (610 Model) to finish these parts.  First, we filled the process container to the fill line & added (2) capfuls of ViChem VL-557.  Then, we set the machine for a 20 minute cycle.   10 minutes in a forward direction, 10 minutes in the reverse direction.  This was extremely easy to set with the controls on the front of the machine.  
We hit the "start" button and walked away.  By the time this blog was written, the process was over and the parts looked incredible.
Once the parts were separated from the steel pin media, we prepped the machine for storage:
1. Add ViChem VL-850R inhibitor to the process container for safe storage of the media.
2. Place the media container next to the machine base, do not store the container on the base.
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