Restoring a High Speed Finishing Barrel

We recently took in a good customer's 20 year old MFI HZ-30 high speed finishing barrel.  They wanted us to go through the machine and make sure it was mechanically sound, then restore the overall look of the equipment.  We tied the machine into 230v power and quickly realized she ran as good as the day she was built at MFI in Howard Lake, Minnesota.  A couple clicks of grease was all the maintenance the equipment needed.
The next step was to break the machine down and prep.  First, our shop manager Lou cleaned the carousel, cages and gears.  This was a pretty gross job, but it looked great when he was done.  Then, Lou broke the machine down and bagged/labeled the hardware.  The last step was wiping the machine down with MEK , taping & bagging before laying down a fresh coat of paint.
Next step was to refinish the barrels.  These are the containers that house media and parts for the finishing process.  Lou used a wire brush and sandpaper to get the surfaces ready. He then wiped everything down with MEK, taped & painted everything to factory colors.
Now that everything has been prepped and painted, Lou purchased new outer hardware and refinished the large bolts that retain the barrels in the carousel.  He put everything back together and the customer could not have been happier with the results.