Save on Labor and Improve Quality with Used Automated Equipment

Why do most large companies prefer to automate their cleaning and deburring operations?  Easy, they save money on labor and improve quality control.  It is no secret that automation can improve the quality of your end product.  Then why do most mid-sized companies never adopt this cost saving, quality improving methodology?  That is easy too, the cost of entry can be prohibitive.  This is why used equipment can be a great way to procure this technology, without the large upfront cost associated with new equipment.   
At we sell both new and used equipment.  This allows our customers to find the right equipment at a fair price.  Our catalogue of used equipment is constantly changing.  If you do not see what you our looking for, please contact us directly. We have a network of locators that are an excellent resource in finding used equipment.  If you are looking for a new piece of equipment that is larger than this website offers, please contact us a  Our parent company, Mikro Industrial Finishing, is full-scale industrial deburring & parts washing sales and service company located in Vernon, CT.