Using a Settling Tank for Re-Circulation or to Drain


The use of a settling tank is an industry standard when it comes to wastewater management.  Whether you are re-circulating the fluid for vibratory tumbling or going direct to drain, the settling tank is a great way to trap the heavy solids for easy waste management. 

At Mikro, we make many different sizes and configurations of settling tanks but the end goal is always the same. The tank "settles" the heavy particulate in it's chambers as the effluent moves through the tank.  Our system is an evolution of the "Weir" system most companies manufacture.  We incorporate a second wall on each partition to create a "waterfall" effect between chambers.  This causes the waste stream to be forced to the bottom of each compartment as it advances through the system.  The advantage to this design is the solids are already on the bottom of the chamber when introduced, and the operator does not have to wait for gravity alone to settle the waste.  This design creates a cleaner waste stream leaving the tank.  This is advantageous to both re-circulation and direct to drain installations.  The other benefit to a settling tank is there are no consumable supplies (filters, paper beds or flocculant media), the operator simpley discards the waste material when the chambers are full.

 Mikro Industrial Finishing Co. makes standard and custom tanks, up to 1,000 gallons.  Contact us with any questions and see if we can help you find the right waste management solution.