When is Ceramic Tumbling Media the Best Choice?

Ceramic tumbling media can be a great choice for deburring your parts.  Whether you have a vibratory bowl/tub or centrifugal finishing equipment, ceramic media is most likely compatible.  Ceramic media is great as a "rough cut" deburring stone.  It is great for removing burrs on harder materials, such as mild and stainless steel.  One of the benefits to ceramic media is the even, matted finish.  This can be great for producing non-reflective parts for all types of applications.  Ceramic tumbling media is also offered in porcelain formulation.  This is a great media option for polishing your parts. When used with ViChem VL-557, porcelain media will help achieve a high luster on most parts.
At washanddeburr.com we sell all different sizes & geometries of ceramic tumbling media.  We also offer free testing in our job shop, to help you make the right choice for machinery and supplies.  Don't forget to use ViChem tumbling soaps in your deburring process, they are non-hazardous and biodegradable.  Please contact us with any questions.