Why to Use Vapor Degreasing

Is vapor degreasing the right method of parts cleaning for you?  There are many advantages to cleaning with a solvent degreaser:
-small footprint
-wash, rinse & dry in one compact machine
-nothing cleans petroleum soils better
-fast, repeatable cleaning
-more consistent than aqueous cleaning
Think of a vapor degreaser as a water cycle. The "ocean" is the boil sump on the bottom of the machine. The operator can immerse the part in the sump and engage the ultrasonics for maximal cleaning power, if needed. The solvent is boiled into a vapor, or the "clouds".  The vapor zone is great for covering the part in distilled solvent for a clean final rinse.  The refrigeration coils are the "upper atmosphere".  They are cold and cause the vaporized solvent to condense and recollect in the machine.  This is where the part will be dried and removed from the machine.    Modern degreasers are equipped with sub-zero coils (-20 degrees), these ensure minimal evaporative loss, and protect the operator from exposure.
To clean you parts, you simply introduce them to each process for a predetermined amount of time:
1. Immersion sump
2. Vapor Zone
3. Chill/Dry Zone
When operated correctly, this equipment can help you achieve critical levels of cleanliness in a compact machine. We offer the Baron Blakeslee Baronette, a fully automated cellular vapor degreaser that operates on  120v power and rolls on casters.  Our customers love its ability to move from cell to cell on the factory floor with minimal effort.  Please contact us with any questions.