Why You Should Use ViChem VL-750

ViChem VL-750 is a non-hazardous & biodegradable aqueous cleaning soap for vibratory finishing and immersion cleaning.  With a wide variety of surfactants and other ingredients that truly make it a "magic bullet" cleaner for your ferrous and non ferrous metal parts.  When used in a vibratory bowl, the operator only needs to run the chemistry at a 3-5% dillution in the incoming water stream or recirculated holding tank.  

Whether the soil is petroleum or water based in nature, VL-750 will clean the part, keep the tumbling media clean and offer in-process inhibition to any ferrous materials.  We use this chemistry in our job shop at Mikro whenever we need to clean a part during the deburring process.  The fact that it is non-hazardous and biodegradable allows us to sent the effluent directly to drain, eliminating any cost to get rid of it. 

ViChem VL-750 can also be used in ultrasonic and immersion applications.  This soap is a foamer, so you do not want to use it in a spray or highly agitated application.  The variety of surfactants will accelerate the ultrasonic energy and it does a great job at high heats in immersion tanks.  

VL-750 is always in stock a Mikro Industrial Finishing and we offer free testing to see if this soap is right for you.  Please contact us with any questions.