Choosing the Correct Chemistry

Choosing the correct chemistry for vibratory tumbling, parts washing and ultrasonic cleaning can be a challenge.  At, we carry ViChem compounds.  ViChem chemistries are non-hazardous and biodegradable, water based industrial compounds. We offer (6) different types, covering most vibratory and parts washing needs.


VL-135: ViChem's "rinse clean" cleaning soap.  This is a non-chelated alkaline soap that keeps parts and media clean, while working great with flocculantion and filtration systems. 

VL-320R: ViChem's alkaline burnishing soap.  Works great for ferrous metals.  Also a great choice when a flocculation system is being utilized.

VL-750: ViChem's alkaline "multi-purpose" degreaser.   This soap works great in tumblers & ultrasonic tanks>  With a comprehensive surfactant package, VL-750 will clean all types of water based & petroleum based soils. 

VL-850R: Vichem's aqueous rust inhibitor.  Great for protecting ferrous parts and steel media.


VL-555: ViChem's "high luster" burnishing compound.  A citric acid based formula, VL-555 yields incredible results on brass, bronze, steel and most ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Both biodegradable and non-hazardous, VL-555 has the same PH as orange juice. 

VL-557: ViChem's "de-scaler" and rust remover.  VL-557 works great in tumblers for polishing all types of metals and for parts cleaning in ultrasonic tanks. The citric acid base is a fantastic accelerator for the sonic energy.