About Ultrasonic Cleaning


Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the best methods to remove tough soils and fluids from all kinds of parts.  The process utilizes ultrasound (our systems are 40khz), to agitate the fluid and microscopically clean the surface and orifices on the part(s) in the cleaner.   Most cycle times are short (under 6 minutes), but some can last longer. 

Choosing the right soap to be used in the ultrasonic cleaner can greatly improve the cleaning power.  We offer a wide range of options and can help identify the right one for you.

Washanddeburr.com has a knowledgeable staff and full service job shop that can help you choose the right equipment and supplies.  We also offer our services for contract.  Please contact us if you would like to receive a free quote, regarding our deburring, descaling, sand blasting, parts washing and polishing work.