About Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing (tumbling) is one of the easiest ways to deburr, clean and polish your parts.  The operator simply loads the tumbler with media, soap, water and parts and then processes the load for a predetermined amount of time.  Once the cycle is complete, the operator would  unload the clean & deburred parts from the machine by hand (or with the aid of a screen separator).  That's it, as long as the variables stay the same, the operator will achieve quality and consistency. 
There are many things to consider when choosing your vibratory bowl or tub, media and compound.  First, identify your goal for the part.  Do you need to:
  • 1. Clean the part?
  • 2. Deburr the part?
  • 3. Polish the part?
  • 4. Inhibit the part from corrosion?
  • 5. Dry the part?
If the answer is "yes" to any or all of these questions, washanddeburr.com can help choose the right combination of machine, accessories and supplies to hit your goal. Please contact us, and let our knowledgeable staff help answer any questions and/or run free process testing in our shop to help you make the right decision.