Using a Centrifugal Disc to Deburr Parts

Deburring your parts with a centrifugal disc can be a great way to achieve precision surface RA while maintaining fast cycle times.  Centrifugal discs are in the "High Speed" family of finishing equipment.  Usually operating in the range of 3X the energy of a traditional vibratory bowl, this machinery provides the operator more control, precision and fine finishing capabilities.  Rather than utilizing vibration as the source of energy and media movement, the centrifugal disc creates the high speed "tornado like" media vortex with the spinning rotor at the bottom of the process container.  The container wall and rotor are not attached, and the rotor spins freely on the belt driven shaft/bearing.  This kicks the media and parts against the serrated container wall as the parts move through the media getting deburred or polished (depending on machine and media/compound choice).


Centrifugal discs typically use the same media and compounds as vibratory tumbling and most of our customers find the equipment pays for itself with time savings and improved finish quality.  We offer free process testing and can help you choose the right equipment, media and compound.  Please contact us with any questions and let us know how we can help in achieving your finishing goals.