Vichem Biography

ViChem Inc. was established in 1989, in Vernon CT.  Specializing in the manufacturing of cleaning & burnishing compounds for both tumbling and parts washing applications, ViChem strives to offer its customers the highest quality soaps.  Always using biodegradable (non-solvent) components, ViChem's commitment to operator and earth friendly products is the bedrock of the company.  

We blend our soaps and compounds on-site, in Connecticut.  Always having product in stock, allows us to fulfill "rush" orders, our customers really appreciate this.  Our soaps are used in a wide variety of applications... from vibratory tumbling, high-speed finishing, ultrasonic cleaning and many other styles of parts washing. All ViChem compounds are made from formulations designed to offer maximum effectiveness in vibratory bowls & parts washers, as well as environmental compatibility in effluent treatment and discharge.  Today's metal finishers expect their compounds to perform well without disrupting plant effluent settling and treatment systems.  ViChem understands these needs and offers compounds which feature:

-Lower Foaming
-No solvents or odors
-Biodegradable components
-High performance synthetics
-Superior cleaning & rinsing
-Corrosion protection that works during humid months
-Safe handling with minimum precaution
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